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About Us

About Us

Established on January 1st 2015 in the German capital city state of Berlin, 1W1B was founded by CEO Mr David Gee and his team of professional Fund Managers. The company has acquired significant positions in the global trade, commodities, real estates and precious metals, to name a few. The company’s open-management practice in trading and investment allows any opportunities in any form to be weighed as viable with calculated risks taken into consideration.

We envision being a trusted market leader in the global financial arena. Our Mission is to provide a system in helping our members achieve financial freedom. Making stories of “rags to riches” for the man on the streets, globally. And ultimately focuses on a balanced lifestyle of good health and abundance of wealth.

  1. Latest: Majorly 1W1B invests in FOREX

    Due to volatile market trends, we are hopping on to majorly investing in Foreign Exchange

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂

    On behalf of 1W1B Management and it’s team wish to all Chinese members a Happy Chinese New Year!  Huat Ah!

  3. New Crypto Mining Investment

    Dear Members,

    We have embarked on a new crypto mining investment on major currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to diversify our investments. We will update you as we go along. Rest assured, we will have a fruitful 2021!

  4. Integration of Bitcoin

    May 2016: In this new era, a new secured currency, Bitcoin has risen and we in 1W1B will be introducing and accepting this as our payment gateway. Integration is still ongoing and will be launching pretty soon. Do keep a lookout!


    Jun 2016: We have successfully integrate Bitcoin into 1W1B. This opens up opportunities for members anywhere in the world. All you need is just a Bitcoin wallet such as Blocktrail, Blockchain, Coinbase, etc, to register in.

  5. Promotions

    Promotions are based on feedbacks from our members thus this is a complimentary upon achieving or signing up with us. Do flip through here for the latest updates, promotions or offerings

  6. Promo: Latest iPhone / iPad model to members whom made achievement

    Members will receive the latest iPhone / iPad model whom made outstanding achievement. Refer to your representatives for full details

Types of Investments

Types of Investments